How did you learn to draw?

I picked up a pencil and started to doodle a lot I guess? Drawing has just been something I’ve been doing since I was small, so I would say practice? Eventually, I started to observe other artists and how they do things through process videos and tutorials and such.

What programs and tools do you use to draw?

I have three Wacom tablets, but the one I use the most is my wireless Pen & Touch tablet. Other times I’ll use my Cintiq 13HD, but only if I’m at a desk.

My program of choice at the moment is Photoshop CC 2017.

Do you do traditional art?

Sometimes! I’ve fallen so in love with digital that I don’t draw with pencil as much anymore, but I definitely still doodle on paper.

You used to have an original comic going, will you pick it back up again?

My original characters (OCs) have a special place in my heart, but at the moment I’m not looking to reboot the comic until I’m satisfied with where my art career is going. It could take some time.

Can you draw my character(s)?

Sure! I’ve got a commission page for that.

Do you do art trades?

I like doing art trades, but most of the time I’ll only do them with close friends.

Do you take commissions?

Yup! Please see the information page here.

Do you do livestreams/twitch streams?

I do! You can find my twitch stream here.

Can I use your art?

I don’t mind if people use my artwork for avatars or small things like that, just please please please don’t edit them! Especially when they’re being used in banners. If you want to make edits to the artwork please ask me first.

Where did the name “Monobun” come from?

It actually has an interesting history haha. Years ago I wanted to change my name to something that would stick with me. I wanted to go with “Monochromatic” but since that name was taken, my initial name was “Monochromatiq” instead (I replaced the c with a “q”). After a while I felt the name was too long so I combined my favourite animal (a bunny of course) with Monochomatic. And thus, Monobun was born!

Can you make a tutorial?

I think once I’m happier with my art style I’ll make a new tutorial in the future.

Do you do requests?

Only for close friends, sorry!

Did you attend art school/classes?

Nope! Just lots of practice and patience 🙂

Do you sell your art outside of conventions?

I’m looking to get an online store set up in the future, so keep an eye out for that!