I’m on Artstation!

I’ve been wanting to post art on a different community than deviantArt for a while. I started an artstation profile some time ago, but never got around to finishing it until today for some reason. You can find me on artstation here: www.artstation.com/monobun

Tekken Fanbook “Fight Night” Digital Copies

Purchase a Digital Copy of Fight Night!

If you guys love Tekken as much as I do, please be sure to check it out! Physical copies are all sold out, but you can still snag a digital copy for $12

There is so much beautiful art in it, and even some by people I admire! The book also includes some fanfiction if you like to read fan stories too.

You can find more information about the project here: @fight-night-anthology

Fight Night – An Unofficial Tekken Fan Anthology

Fight Night is an unofficial Tekken Fan Anthology with over 80+ pages of content! The anthology features exclusive work by 33 artists and 5 writers from around the world, all celebrating Namco Bandai’s beloved Tekken franchise. This is a non-profit project, and all proceeds go towards production costs. PREORDER YOUR COPY HERE – $25 EACH *This is…

Did You Know I’m on Twitch?

Did you know that I’m now on Twitch? You can follow me here to keep up with my art streams! I would like to stream on a regular basis; since I just started the channel, I’m still feeling out the best day to stream. Once I’ve figured out when and how often I’m going to…

Midnight Blast from the Past – Shade of Blood

An unreleased page from my original comic back in 2009 (Shade of Blood) back when my alias was Doksuri. This was going to be page 37 from Chapter 2; after Ginto stabs Xai in the leg with his sword, he’s supposed to heal himself (and succeeds). Unfortunately for those of you who used to follow…