26 | Canada | Contact: info@monobun.com

Hello! I’m a self-taught digital illustrator based in Canada who loves bunnies, food, and video games.

Since I was a child, I’ve been drawing on anything I could get my hands on. My two sisters influenced me to continue drawing as they were artists as well. I progressed to digital mediums once I got my first tablet and scanner; I started off on Corel Draw and eventually moved on to Photoshop once I had access to it. I’ve stuck with it ever since.

You can read about my tools and process in my FAQ section! 🙂

Printed Work List:

Here are some of the printed books/zines I’ve participated in!

Artisans – A Spyro Zine [ 2018 ]
Inuyasha Zine
Sit Boy! A Feudal Fanzine – Inuyasha Zine [ 2018 ]
Sunset Vista by Cigarblues
Sunset Vista – A Crash Bandicoot Zine [ 2017 ]
Fight Night – A Tekken Anthology [ 2017 ]
Valor Ventures – A Pokemon Go Zine [ 2016 ]
A Hero Like You – An Overwatch Zine [ 2016 ]
Princess/Pauper – A Tekken Asu/Lili Zine [ 2016 ]